Jesus and Marriage

by Alan Davis


Derek Flood, writing for the Huffington Post on Monday March 25th, made several erroneous claims and denials concerning scripture and what Jesus had to say about homosexuality. Though I believe Mr. Flood is sincere about his Christianity and about what he wrote, he is none the less wrong and off base. Mr. Flood takes the position that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality and alludes  Jesus had nothing to say about marriage or sexual relations. Though well intentioned with the misguided idea that he is being compassionate by siding with those involved in the homosexual lifestyle he is none the less just plain wrong. His plea for compassion on those in this lifestyle is certainly a valid plea and should be heeded by all Christians. If he had stopped there he would have done his Scriptural creditability a great service. He however went on to say Jesus had nothing to say concerning sexuality, dismissed on one hand a command of Jesus and accepted the compassion of Jesus out of the very same verse. It was as if Mr. Flood was willing to accept part of a conversation from Jesus and at the same time deny the very next words of Jesus. This is poor exegesis and it is misapplying Scripture, which is dangerous to all.

Mr. Flood, in his article at the Monday’s Huffington Post, plainly denied that Jesus had anything to say concerning sex or marriage, that Jesus had nothing to say about homosexuality. That could only be said if one wants to ignore a lot of Scripture and deny that Scripture is the Word of God. The Scriptures themselves declare that every Word of the Bible is spoken by God including the parts condemning the act of homosexuality and any other sexual sin.  As Jesus is God in the flesh and the Scriptures are God’s very words then Jesus spoke the whole Bible not only what is in the “red” in the gospels. In order for anyone to make the claim that Jesus had nothing to say about sexual sin and homosexuality one must do one of two things :

1.      DENY that Scripture is the Word of God. This leaves the denier in an untenable position now. For what would it matter to them what Jesus said if they do not believe in the inspiration of all Scripture. What gives them the authority to proclaim what Jesus did or didn’t say if they no longer believe the inerrancy of Scripture? To purport that Jesus had nothing to say about homosexuality and deny the inerrancy and authority of Scripture is to weaken at best and to nullify at worst their claim for what they say Jesus did say. For where did they find out what Jesus had to say? It would be the Scriptures, the very Scriptures they now deny. So this argument is an untenable argument just on face value alone. It may appear at first glance the person using this argument has a bases but it takes only a thoughtful minute to see through the fallacy of such an argument to uphold a sinful lifestyle of any sort.

2.      If they do not deny the inerrancy of Scripture then they must now LIE to themselves and others on what Scripture does proclaim concerning sex and marriage. For Jesus as the Author of all divine truth had plenty to say about sexuality. He gave approval to marriage between only one man and one woman. He condemned any sex in any other situation. This would include a homosexual relationship or a heterosexual relationship outside of the terms HE gave for Biblical marriage, one man and one woman, period. So now those who proclaim Jesus had nothing to say are in all actuality lying to themselves and others. Their argument falls apart at this point with just a curious study of the Scriptures concerning sexuality and marriage.

So we see that for one to use Jesus to artificially prop up their tolerance or acceptance for the homosexual lifestyle or any other sinful lifestyle either is an outright denial of Scripture as God’s Word or a full misrepresentation of God’s Word on purpose. Mr. Flood used the story of Jesus dealing with the woman caught in adultery. When she was brought to Jesus and the lawyers demanded justice Jesus extended mercy. We should do the same, but unlike Mr. Flood we cannot dismiss the rest of the verse as Jesus dealt out mercy and grace to the woman he also demanded a leaving of the sin. If we are truly compassionate to those in a sinful lifestyle we will give them the whole gospel and not leave them in their sin to realize in the end that Jesus said “repent or perish”.

Pastor Alan Davis
Woodland Baptist Church

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